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Modern Art In A Traditional Room

I kept talking (and writing) about how to create "collection" rooms;  They seem to have evolved over a long period of time.  For me, achieving a look that is passed down from generation to generation is not about matching period, wood and finish;  It's about mixing historical elements with contemporary pieces, while maintaining the cascading patterns and textures of visual layers.  One of the ways designers have created this look -- one of many -- is by placing modern, abstract works of art within traditional furniture.  This juxtaposition sets the artwork apart, allowing it to stay in the sun for a moment without overshadowing the style of the furniture.  The whole room has taken on a new look.  

1.The colorful oil painting above the sofa experiences an exciting jolt in this quiet, oppressive bedroom.  The art picks out some of the colors that dot the room, introduces some new colors to enliven the atmosphere, and brings the transition look of the whole cycle.  

2.This room provides a great example of how the different periods overlap perfectly.  The traditional oval table in the distance;  Natural woven carpet;  ;  Intricate siding and stitching;  The large abstract paintings on the walls tell us that it all comes together comfortably  

3.A play of scale makes this vignette successful. We are accustomed to seeing a larger mirror over an entry table with, perhaps, some nearby artwork. Tracery Interiors upended our expectations with a sizable abstract painting hung above a demure but punchy console, polished off with a tiny tabletop mirror. The composition isn't cluttered, but it is surely multi-layered and exciting.

4.I know I always say "matches too well", but there are exceptions to my (personal) "mismatches" rule.  Bold works of art don't always need to be boldly presented.  Yellow abstract paintings blend with the warm tones of the walls, floors and wood-colored tables in this carefully designed space.  

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