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How Can Color Have A Big Impact On Design

When choosing a color for any room, it is important to first understand the vision and purpose of the space.  "In general, colors are used to create an emotion.  Do you want it to be vibrant?  Do you want it to feel calm?  It really depends on what is the goal of this space.

Bold Use of Color

I recommend finding the right balance when using bold paint colors in a room. "From an emotional point of view, when you walk into a room, you want it to feel harmonious, but not boring."  

Creating Neutral Layer

I recommend "layering neutrals in the same color scheme, mixing layers of similar colors together and not surprising you."  

 For this living room in New Rochelle, New York, designer Tamu Green of Lux Pad Interiors used subtle patterns to add depth to neutral tones.  A large club chair and upholstered stool are covered in abstract patterned fabric, and the cream-colored area carpet has an embossed pattern to give it depth.  The plant adds a touch of green.  

Play with color patterns

Even though you may mix different colors and types of patterns, if the pattern is of the right scale or size, it will combine all the patterns together."

When choosing a pattern for a room, I like to start with a palette.  I can go into the showroom with a paint sample while I pick out the colors.  "That way, I know what I want, and I don't have to look at everything.  

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